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Talk · CircleCI · PRs Welcome

Online comments are broken. Our open-source commenting platform, Talk, rethinks how moderation, comment display, and conversation function, creating the opportunity for safer, smarter discussions around your work. Read more about Talk here.

Built with <3 by The Coral Project.

Getting Started

Check out our Quickstart and Install guides to get started with Talk in our Technical Docs.

Product Guide

Learn more about Talk, including a deep dive into features for commenters and moderators, and FAQs in our Talk Product Guide.

Pre-Launch Guide

You’ve installed Talk on your server, and you’re preparing to launch it on your site. The real community work starts now, before you go live. You have a unique opportunity pre-launch to set your community up for success. Read our Talk Community Guide.

Advanced Usage

For advanced configuration and usage of Talk, check out our Configuration and Integration how-tos. This covers topics in whih you will need dev support to fully customize and integrate Talk, such as SSO/authentication, creating and managing assets and articles, styling Talk with custom CSS, and setting up Notifications and SMTP support.

Versions & Upgrading

The current recommended release version is v4.5.0. ^4.5 (and all future even-numbered versions) are considered stable LTS versions. We recommend ^4.5 for use in production environments.

More Resources

End-to-End Testing

Talk uses Nightwatch as our e2e testing framework. The testing infrastructure that allows us to run our tests in real browsers is provided with love by our friends at Browserstack.



Talk is released under the Apache License, v2.0.