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16 Apr 13:37
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Bug fixes and improvements

  • Add domain ban history description to account history to clarify why the account was banned #4590
  • Add pre-mod labels to moderate cards in user history to help mods see which comments never appeared on the stream #4589
  • Localize fr-FR i18n strings for notifications #4588
  • Update docs with correct node version #4578
  • Update docs about native mobile integration with link to new app-proxy example #4592


26 Mar 15:20
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Bug fixes and improvements

  • Ensure rejected comment notifications are only shown if DSA is enabled #4584
  • Update copy in DSA feature #4585


20 Mar 18:46
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🚨 This version updates a major dependency and action is required to maintain developer workflows. This is not a breaking change for app functionality, builds, or deploys.

v9.0.0 replaces npm with pnpm to speed up CI and resolve some long-standing issues with package installation. Developers need to follow these steps to update local workflows:

  • Run npm install -g pnpm@8.14.3
  • Clear node_modules by running sh scripts/
  • Run sh scripts/ to install from the new pnpm-lock.yaml. (This is equivalent to package-lock.json)

Updated commands

  • Package installation is now run with sh
  • All commands previously using npm now use pnpm. Ex npm run watch is now pnpm run watch

Breaking changes

New functionality

  • 🌱 New commenter badge #4571

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Email domain ban confirmation #4560
  • Make protected email domain bans customizable #4550
  • Increase rate limit for flagging comments in API #4552
  • Allow utilities/download to work with archive databases #4549
  • Update email domain table in admin #4543
  • Update description #4539
  • Update installation instructions #4557
  • fix missing css in user drawer tabs #4581
  • copy and style updates for new user badge #4580


13 Mar 17:30
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In-page notifications

We’ve added an optional new in-page notifications feature. The new in-page notifications feature is enabled by default and can be controlled by admins inside the Configure menu. 

It includes these features:

  • A new Notifications tab at the top of the comment stream that will show users new notifications on their comments. As users scroll through comments, a floating notification button will remain on the page so they can see and easily access new notifications.

  • The ability to receive in-page notifications on comment replies, featured comments, and pending comment reviews.

  • The ability for users to set their in-page notifications preferences in their Preferences tab.

The branch for this work is #4492


15 Feb 22:04
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  • Increase unarchiving time out limit for very large archived databases #4544


14 Feb 19:07
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New features and fixes

  • Protected email domains can now be set to 'always pre-moderate' #4531
  • Anonymous DSA reports now show on comment moderation cards in the Coral admin #4530
  • Added a script to help admins backup all data for tenants on a MongoDB instance #4528
  • Support links as media embeds when they are included in a comment #4521
  • Users pending deletion can now view their profile without being logged out #4520
  • Fixed padding on user drawer badges in the admin #4519
  • Enabled external moderation phases to run when DSA is enabled and include rejection reasons #4516
  • Added secretBadges to the user model to be configurable in Mongo, for optional user badges not associated with roles or SSO claims #4506
  • Fixed bug where multiple moderators featuring comments incorrectly incremented the featured count #4502
  • Added file to Coral #4501
  • Added more Swedish translations #4529 – thanks @antonborgstrom!
  • Fixed Finnish translations for email notification footer #4524 – thanks @juhog!
  • Fixed typo in stream.ftl translations #4511 – thanks @oliver-dvorski!


30 Jan 17:43
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New features and improvements

  • Allow admins to initiate a 24-hour deletion of a user account via the User Drawer>Account History in the Moderation interface. This makes it easier for sites that don't use our GDPR features or the API endpoint to be compliant with any data deletion laws #4481
  • Update references in embeds from Twitter to X #4482
  • Add international Outlook accounts to protected email domains #4484
  • Update banned word rejection messaging to be DSA compliant #4490
  • Add NL translations for DSA strings #4496 thanks @rmens
  • Update license to current year #4495 thanks @immber
  • Update client handler to add a port to the root URL for local development #4489
  • Create a docker-compose and README for setting up a Wordpress environment to work with Coral local development #4491


22 Jan 16:31
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  • Add optional Top Commenter badge feature for commenters who've had a comment featured by a staff member #4462
  • Add requirement to select a rejection reason when rejecting all comments with DSA enabled #4455
  • Add max length validations for DSA input fields #4466
  • Allow anonymous DSA reporting #4469
  • A user's auth token is cleared and the stream reloaded when the token is invalid or expired #4472


10 Jan 15:48
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  • Upgrade Coral's codebase to Node.js 18 in order to improve its security and performance (#4451)


20 Dec 16:19
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New features

  • For orgs using multi-site instances, site filters on moderation queues now include a text search #4313, #4468
  • Add utilities for adding tenants to existing deployments #4428

Adds the following indexes:

db.sites.createIndex({ tenantID: 1, "$**": "text", createdAt: -1 });