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JavaScript/HTML5 game engine
JavaScript Python
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Irenic is a JavaScript/HTML5 game engine.

Features (some incomplete):

  1. A loader
  2. Animation framework
  3. Particle system
  4. Scene, Camera and Renderer management
  5. Tile-based map support
  6. GUI
  7. Input handling
  8. Math classes (Vector2D, Polygon, etc)
  9. Various utilities
  10. Sound and music player

Planned features:

  1. Multiplayer (server-side logic and code reuse)
  2. AI
  3. Shadowing and effects
  4. Spatial sound

To use Irenic, you need to copy the Irenic.js file from the root directory. It's a complete build from the 'html5.txt' configuration file. If you want to use Irenic on the server side, you can either make your own configuration file, or use the existent 'server.txt' one.

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