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metaworker is a wrapper library for HTML5 web workers

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NOTE: In its alpha state, metaworker has the capacity to crash your browser, and crash it hard. Please make sure you know what you're doing when using this library :)

metaworker is a simple library which wraps around HTML5 web workers. It allows you to use worker threads without worrying too much about the details of the worker spec. Some other convenience functions are provided.

Included Files:

  • metaworker_example.html - This is a basic example showing the summation of an array of numbers shared amongst multiple workers.
  • fractal_example.html - An example that uses metaworker to render a mandelbrot fractal. Note: This example can be run in two ways, either with AJAX (server-side) workers or with browser (HTML5) workers.
  • dft_example.html - An example demonstrating metaworker being used to calculate a discrete Fourier transform (DFT).
  • metaworker_lib.js - The actual metaworker library.
  • metaworker.js - A worker bootstrap file used by metaworker_lib.js.
  • metaworker_server.js - A lightweight server-side worker intended for use with node.js .
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