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//PWM pins for the LEDs
#define redpin 9
#define greenpin 10
#define bluepin 11
//set up SoftwareSerial for the bluetooth module.
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#define SoftRx 2
#define SoftTx 3
SoftwareSerial BTSerial(SoftRx, SoftTx);
//color variables
int redvalue=0;
int greenvalue=0;
int bluevalue=0;
void setup(){
//configure pins
pinMode(SoftRx, INPUT);
pinMode(SoftTx, OUTPUT);
pinMode(redpin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(greenpin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(bluepin, OUTPUT);
//check for proper baud rate
void loop() {
//App Inventor sends three bytes (RGB, 0 to 255).
if ( BTSerial.available() > 2){
//make sure it's 3 bytes
if ( BTSerial.available() == 3){
//read each of the 3 bytes for brightness into the variables;;;
//flush the buffer
else {
//if the data is not 3 bytes treat it as invalid and flush the buffer.
//write the current values to the pwm pins.
analogWrite(redpin, redvalue);
analogWrite(greenpin, greenvalue);
analogWrite(bluepin, bluevalue);