Sublime Text 3 syntax highlighting and build system for Promela Spin.
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Sublime Text 3 - Promela Spin Syntax Highlighting and Build System

Syntax highlighting for Promela Spin in Sublime Text 3.

Getting Started

Note: While the syntax highlighting should work on any OS with no dependencies, the build system is Windows only, and requires that jSpin's bin directory (default: C:\jspin\bin) be added to the PATH variable.

1. Installation

(Recommended) Automatic Installation using Sublime Text Package Control

  1. Open Sublime Text's Command Palette (default: Ctrl+Shift+P)
  2. Type install and select Package Control: Install Package
  3. Type promela spin and select "Promela_Spin" to install the package.

Manual Installation

Go to Preferences -> Browse Packages, and then either download and unzip this plugin into that directory, or:

git clone "sublime-promela-spin"

2. Activate this Language

After installing this package, open an PML file and switch the language to Promela, using one of the following methods:

  • Select from the list of supported languages in your status bar at the bottom right corner of your editor
  • Ctrl+Shift+P and search for "Promela"

3. Make "Promela" the default

To make Promela the default highlighting for the current extension:

  1. Open a file with the extension you want to set a default for (i.e. .pml)
  2. Navigate through the following menus in Sublime Text: View -> Syntax -> Open all with current extension as... -> Promela

3. Test the Build System

The "Promela - Random" build system should be automatically selected when a Promela file is open.

To run the build, press Ctrl+B or select "Build" from the "Tools" menu.


Corban Mailloux

Copyright and License

Copyright 2014 Corban Mailloux

MIT License