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Cobalt setup screen and startup

Cobalt is a lightweight operating system based on FreeDOS, which aims to make DOS more accessible and easier to use on modern hardware and virtual machines. Cobalt is still very early in development.


  • FreeDOS Kernel Build 2040 (FreeDOS v1.1) and FreeCom 0.85a command line
  • Excellent compatibility with DOS applications and games
  • Bootable CD with easy-to-use installer
  • Weekly experimental builds with latest packages from FreeDOS repositories

See the GitHub issues list for planned features. The download link for the latest release is available below, and you can also try a nightly build.

Download Cobalt // Discussion Board // Join Discord

The Cobalt distribution is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3, but Cobalt also contains binaries from the FreeDOS Project that may be under different source licenses. If you would like to financially support Cobalt, please consider donating to the FreeDOS Project, since nearly all the software included in Cobalt is developed and/or packaged by FreeDOS developers.