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Nexus Tools

Nexus Tools is an installer and updater for Android SDK Platform Tools, which includes ADB, Fastboot, and other applications. Nexus Tools is writen in Dart, and can run on Linux, macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS.

Nexus Tools downloads the latest Platform tools package directly from Google's servers, so you're always getting the latest version. The tools are installed to ~/.nexustools (%AppData%\NexusTools on Windows), and adds the directory to your system's path. On Windows, Nexus Tools can optionally install Koush's Universal ADB Driver. The SDK Platform Tools can be updated by running nexustools -i, or you can uninstall everything by running nexustools -r.

How to use on Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS

Paste this command into your Terminal app:

bash <(curl -s

You can also download the Mac and Linux versions from the latest release page, un-zip the file, and run it from the Terminal.

How to use on Windows

Open Windows PowerShell from the Start Menu and paste this command:

iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

You can also download the Windows version from the latest release page, un-zip the file, and run it from Windows PowerShell or the Command Prompt.

Privacy & Analytics

Nexus Tools uses Plausible Analytics to transmit your operating system and CPU architecture during the installation process for development purposes. This analytics data is viewable publicly at You can disable analytics reporting by adding the --no-analytics parameter to the install command, like this:

bash <(curl -s --no-analytics

It also works when running Nexus Tools locally:

nexustools --no-analytics

Nexus Tools has been featured on MakeUseOf, XDA, Android Police, 9to5Google, Wccftech, Redmond Pie, and other places.