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Task Metric Utilities

Runs in the background to collect Appian task metrics and provides beautiful reports without modifying existing applications!

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The Task Metric Utilities app sits on top of existing Appian applications and collects task metrics in the background to provide beautiful reports for interacting with task data. It works right out of the box with existing applications and looks great for managers and executives!

The main process model runs on a timer to query all tasks in the system and save important metrics to the database. No need to worry about process archival times or running portal reports anymore. The app includes a Historical Task Metrics report for immediate use and is flexible enough to customize with existing business logic.

Additional Screenshots

Clickable Pie Chart

Reveal grid

Task Metrics Grid

Version 2 Release Note

Release notes can be found here.


Task Metric Reports

  • Number of tasks completed by different individuals (bar chart)
  • Most frequently completed tasks (bar chart)
  • Task completion duration (pie chart)
  • Lag and Work time performance grid (and drilldown bar charts)
  • Filters
    • Original Assignee(s)
    • Completed (within)
    • Completed By


  1. Import the 'NAV_TM Task Metric Utilities' application.
  2. Review the NAV_TM Data Store, select the appropriate data source, and publish the data store.
  3. Run the process, which should be automatic.
  4. You're done! Check out your 'Historical Task Metrics Report' from the Reports tab!


Saving Task Metrics

  • Process Models - Batch process and subprocess that runs periodically to query the system for all tasks and saves them to the database.
  • Groups
    • NAV_TM Administrators - Users in this group have administrator access to the NAV_TM app.
    • NAV_TM All Groups and Users - Users and groups that are members of this group will have their task metrics saved. By default it includes all users and groups in the system via a group membership rule.
    • NAV_TM Historical Task Metrics Report Viewers - Users in this group can view the Historical Task Metrics Report from the Reports tab.
  • Data
    • NAV_TM_TaskMetric - CDT to store Task metric data that is saved to the database.
    • NAV_TM Data Store - Data Store used for the NAV_TM app. You'll need to point the data store to a schema of your choice.


  • Database
    • Process and task names and descriptions will be truncated at 255 characters.
      • The truncation can be avoided by altering the NAV_TM_TaskMetric CDT and revising the NAV_TM_TEXT_COLUMN_MAX_CHARACTERS constant.
    • As task metrics are collected over time, the database table NAV_TM_TaskMetric will need to be tuned for optimal performance.
  • Task Reports
    • Approximately 10,000 task metrics are collected at a time.
    • It's recommended that the timer in the 'NAV_TM Save Task Metrics' process model be set to run once a day outside of normal business hours but may be adjusted.
    • For simplicity, the shortest duration unit is 1 minute.

Future Development

  • Reports for Active Tasks
  • Additional drilldown reports
  • Task reassignment action
  • Incorporate "wizard" tasks
  • Anything else? You tell me!


MIT License

Issues, Troubleshooting, & Feedback

Feel free to reach out to Corbin Page if you run into any issues, have feedback, or of any feature requests. I plan to update this app often and would love to incorporate anything you need!


Appian app that runs in the background to collect Appian task metrics and provides beautiful reports without modifying existing applications!







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