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* Assignment 4 Decision Trees README, Artificial Intelligence CS335 JHU.    *

1. Introduction

This README is part of a scaffold provided for students taking JHU's Artificial
Intelligence class.  It is intended to give students an idea of the directory
structure they are expected to use when submitting assignments for this class.

2. Usage

All code resides in the src/ subdirectory, which also contains a Makefile that
can build and run the code.  As a convenience, the top level directory also
contains shellscripts which call `make`.  The and scripts also pass any command line arguments given to it 
along to the Java program. change to the rosset.corbin directory, then to build:


And to run the traditional learning algorithm type:

./ <IG or GR> <whichDataSet> <whichMonk>

Where “whichDataSet” is an integer input parameter (0=Congressional, 1=MONK, 
2=Mushroom). "IG or GR" is an integer, 0 for information gain selection strategy,
and 1 for gain ratio selection strategy. "whichMonk" is only applicable if
"whichDataSet" = 1, and then since there are 3 monk sets, "whichMonk" can be
either 1, 2, or 3. 

And to run the genetic algorithm, type:

./ <whichDataSet> <whichMonk> 

where "whichDataSet" and "whichMonk" input arguments are the same as for the

Please see the outpu/ forlder for the for the sample runs. Sometimes, there is 
more than one run for a given data set if I felt there was variablility in
performance. I give no analysis here explaining such performance or my choices
of parameters, but there are some comments in the code. 


to run traditional Gain Ratio on Monk-2:

./run_traditional 1 1 2

to run traditional information gain on mushroom:

./run_traditional 0 2

to run genetic algorithm on congressional data set:

./run_evolutionary 0

To generate documentation: 

cd to the src/ folder and type:

make docs

3. Structure

There is also a data/ directory which holds the example data for the three data
sets: monk, mushroom, and congressional. 

typing ls -R on the code/ directory in the src/ file:

Folders that represent packages: 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------	Parser	Testing
Evolutionary					Traditional
Examples					Trees

files contained in each folder:


CongressionalExample.class	Example.class





4. Reflection

This assignment was long. very long. lots of long nights without food or sleep.
But it was very valuable and I really enjoyed working with the genetic algorithm.
I definitely see  myself working on this as a side project over the summer or
something, maybe using those other data sets in UCI archive, because it seems
really useful. 

Did I mention the assignment was long? and now we have to do a long paper about it?
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