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Relevant is a generous way of putting it.

NLP/computational linguistics


name when/where cfp deadline
ACL (Meeting of Association for Computational Linguistics)
7-12 Aug 2016
short: 29 Feb
long: 18 Mar
WS papers: 8 May
Repl4NLP (Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP)
11 Aug 2016
Berlin (colocated with ACL)
papers: 8 May
RepEval (Workshop on Evaluating Vector Space Representations for NLP)
12 Aug 2016
Berlin (colocated with ACL)
papers: 8 May
CoNLL (Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning)
11-12 Aug 2016
Berlin, Germany
(colocated with ACL)
papers: 6 May
COLING (International Conference on Computational Linguistics)
11-16 Dec 2016
Osaka, Japan
papers: 15 July
NAACL-HLT (North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies)
12-17 June 2016,
San Diego, USA
papers: 6 Jan
WS papers: 25 Feb
EMNLP (SIGDAT conference on Empirical Methods for Natural Language Processing)
2-6 Nov 2016
Austin, Texas
WS papers: Aug
8-12 Sep 2016
papers: 23 Mar
CICLing (Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics)
3-9 Apr 2016
EACL (European Association of Computational Linguistics) ??? ???
LREC (Language Resources and Evaluation Conference)
23-28 May 2016
Portorož, Slovenia
25 Oct 2015
ICON (International Conference on Natural Language Processing)
11-13 Dec 2015
Trivandrum, India
papers: 30 Aug
GSCL (International Conference of the German Society for Computational Linguistics)
30 Sep - 2 Oct 2015
Duisburg-Essen, Germany
papers: 15 May
IWCS (International Workshop on Computational Semantics)
14-17 Apr 2015
London, UK
papers: 19 Dec
LDL (Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistics)
31 July 2015
Beijing, China
(colocated with ACL-IJCNLP 2015)
papers: 14 May

Health informatics, medicine etc.

name when/where cfp deadline
MUCMD: Machine Learning in Healthcare
19-20 Aug 2016
Los Angeles, USA
papers: 15 May
EMNLP WS: International Workshop on Health Text Mining and Information Analysis
17 Sep 2015
Lisbon, Portugal
WS papers: 5 July
MedInfo (World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics)
triennial… next in 2017
Beijing China
MIE (Medical Informatics Europe)
28 Aug - 2 Sep 2016
Munich, Germany
pres/posters: 21 Feb
21-23 July 2015
Gran Canaria, Spain
papers: 1 Jun
GHC (Global Healthcare Conference)
18-19 July 2016
papers: 18 Mar
HEALTHINF (International Conference on Health Informatics)
21-23 Feb 2016
Rome, Italy
papers: 24 Sep
BigData4Healthcare 2016 (1st International Workshop on Big Data Analytics for Healthcare and Well-being)
January 18, 2016
Hong Kong, China
papers: 29 Nov
AIMA (International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Applications)
11-14 Sep 2016
Gdansk, Poland
papers: 18 Apr
Health2.0 Annual Fall
25-28 Sep
Santa Clara, USA
??? unsure if research-oriented
Health 2.0 Europe
10-12 May
??? see above
Workshop on Data Mining for Healthcare
2 May 2015
Vancouver, Canada
(colocated with SIAM Data Mining)
papers: 2 Feb
KES-InMed-16 (Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare)
15-17 June 2016
papers: Jan 18
CBMS (International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical System)
20 June, 21-23 June
Dublin, Belfast, Ireland
abstracts: 8 Jan
papers: 18 Jan
IEE-ICHI (International Conference on Healthcare Informatics)
"early" Oct 2016
Chicago, USA
papers: May
AIM@EPIA (Portuguese Conference on AI): Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Track
8-11 Sep
papers: 9 March
eTELEMED (International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine)
24-28 Apr
Venice, Italy
papers: 8 Dec
ICSH (International Conference for Smart Health)
17-18 Nov 2015
Phoenix, USA
papers: 6 Sep
BHI (International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics)
24-27 Feb 2016
Las Vegas, USA
papers: 7 Dec
HIBIT (Health Informatics and Bioinformatics)
16-17 Oct 2015
Muğla, Turkey

Biology/medicine (more straight-up)

name when/where cfp deadline
AACR (American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting)
16-20 Apr 2016
New Orleans, USA
abstracts: 1 Dec

ML: main

kinda arbitrary

name when/where cfp deadline
NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems)
7-12 Dec 2015
Montreal, Canada
papers: 5 Jun
ICML (International Conference on Machine Learning)
19-24 June 2016
papers: 5 Feb
KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining)
13-17 Aug 2016
San Francisco, USA
papers: 12 Feb
AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence)
12-17 Feb 2016
Phoenix, USA
abstract: 10 Sep
paper: 15 Sep
ICLR (International Conference on Learning Representations)
2-4 May 2016
Puerto Rico
abstract: 12 Nov
papers: 19 Nov
AISTATS (International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics)
9-11 May 2016
Cadiz, Spain
papers: 9 Oct
UAI (Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence)
12-16 July 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands
papers: 3 March

ML: less main

may require further categorisation

name when/where cfp deadline
IJCCI (International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence)
9-11 Nov 2016
papers: 12 May
IC3K (International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management)
9-11 Nov 2016
papers: 12 May
ACML (Asian Conference on Machine Learning)
20-22 Nov 2015
Hong Kong
papers: 11 May
ICPR (International Conference on Pattern Recognition)
4-8 Dec 2016
Cancún Mexico
papers: 4 Apr
ISNN (International Symposium on Neural Networks)
15-18 Oct 2015
Jeju, Korea
papers: 31 May
ICANN (International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks)
6-9 Sep 2016
papers: 1 Mar
WCCI (World Conference on Computational Intelligence)
... International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
25-29 July 2016
Vancouver, Canada
papers: 15 Jan
ICIC (International Conference on Intelligent Computing)
2-5 Aug 2016
Lanzhou, China
papers: 1 Mar
IJCAI (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence)
9-15 July 2016
abstract: 27 Jan
paper: 2 Feb
ECAI (European Conference on Artificial Intelligence)
29 Aug - 2 Sep 2016
The Hague, Holland
paper: 15 June
ECML-PKDD (European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery)
19-23 Sep 2016
abstracts: 1 Apr
papers: 4 Apr

ML: theory

name when/where cfp deadline
COLT Conference on Learning Theory)
23-26 June 2016
papers: 12 Feb

Misc data science/IR

name when/where cfp deadline
IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Big Data Computing
10 Dec 2015
abstracts: 10 July
papers: 7 Aug
SIAM International Conference on Data Mining
5-7 May 2016
Miami, USA
abstracts: 9 Oct
papers: 16 Oct
The International Symposium on Designing, Validating, and Using Datasets
22-26 May 2016
Valencia, Spain
papers: 5 Jan
SIGIR (Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval)
17-21 July 2016
Pisa, Italy
abstract: 14 Jan
papers: 21 Jan
ICDM (Industrial Conference on Data Mining)
13-17 July 2016
papers: 15 Jan



name when/where cfp deadline
10 Aug 2015
Washington DC, USA
(colocated with USENIX Security)
posters: 24 June

Open Science

name when/where cfp deadline
ECSA (European Citizen Science Association)
19-21 May 2016
Berlin, Germany
abstracts: Jan 2016