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This repo represents a template for how Corda can be integrated with the Accord project.
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Corda Accord Project

Corda + Accord Project Template

This repo contains an MVP integration between Corda and the Accord Project. The goal of this application is to demonstrate how a contract may be parsed using Accord Project Cicero and the issued as a Corda State onto the ledger.

This repository is divided into two parts: a Java reference solution (which is complete), and a Kotlin reference solutions (which is still a WIP).



  • JDK 1.8 latest version
  • IntelliJ latest version (2017.1 or newer)
  • git
  • Node.js v8.x (LTS)

After installing the required tools, clone or download a zip of this repository, and place it in your desired location.

Building Corda + Accord Project code

  • from the command line where you placed this repository, run: npm install (to install cicero and the promissory-note template)
  • then run: npm run build to generate the Accord Project classes, and compile the Corda code

IntelliJ setup

  • From the main menu, click open (not import!) then navigate to where you placed this repository.
  • Click File->Project Structure, and set the Project SDK to be the JDK you downloaded (by clicking new and nagivating to where the JDK was installed). Click Okay.
  • Next, click import on the Import Gradle Project popup, leaving all options as they are.
  • If you do not see the popup: Navigate back to Project Structure->Modules, clicking the + -> Import button, navigate to and select the repository folder, select Gradle from the next menu, and finally click Okay, again leaving all options as they are.


  • In this repo, a Java object has been precompiled from Cicero based on the promissory note example.
  • No additional setup is required. To parse a state and issue a Promissory note on the ledger see either Running The Tests or Deploying Locally.

Running the tests

  • Java: Select Java - Unit tests from the dropdown run configuration menu, and click the green play button.
  • Note - there is currently only one test, which demonstrates the Corda-Accord integration. Other tests are a carry-over from the training material. They will be adapted to test this integration more thoroughly.
  • Kotlin: N/A, still a WIP.
  • Individual tests can be run by clicking the green arrow in the line number column next to each test.
  • When running flow tests you must add the following to your run / debug configuration in the VM options field. This enables us to use
  • Quasar - a library that provides high-performance, lightweight threads.
  • "-javaagent: /PATH_TO_FILE_FROM_ROOT_DIR/quasar.jar"

Deploying Locally

  • From the root directory run 'npm run deploy' at the command line.

Template Files


  • Promissory Note Template: node_modules/promissory-note
  • Promissory Note Contract: contract.txt
  • Promissory Note Java Object & Associated Classes: java-source/src/main/java/org
  • Cicero-Parse Shell Script: java-source/src/main/resources/



  • Template: java-source/src/main/java/net/corda/training/state/
  • Tests: java-source/src/test/java/net/corda/training/state/


  • Template: java-source/src/main/java/net/corda/training/contract/
  • Issue Tests: java-source/src/test/java/net/corda/training/contract/
  • Transfer Tests: java-source/src/test/java/net/corda/training/contract/
  • Settle Tests: java-source/src/test/java/net/corda/training/contract/


  • Issue template: java-source/src/main/java/net/corda/training/flow/
  • Issue tests: java-source/src/test/java/net/corda/training/flow/
  • Transfer template: java-source/src/main/java/net/corda/training/flow/
  • Transfer tests: java-source/src/test/java/net/corda/training/flow/
  • Settle template: java-source/src/main/java/net/corda/training/flow/
  • Settle tests: java-source/src/test/java/net/corda/training/flow/

In the Corda shell:

  • Initiate a promissory note: flow start net.corda.accord.flow.PromissoryNoteIssueFlow$InitiatorFlow lender: "ParticipantA", maker: "ParticipantB"

Issue a Flow from the Corda shell

To initiate the contract based on the ./contract.txt legal agreement: flow start PromissoryNoteIssueFlow

To initiate the contract based on a JSON instance: flow start PromissoryNoteIssueJSONFlow jsonData: "{ \"$class\": \"org.accordproject.promissorynote.PromissoryNoteContract\", \"contractId\": \"616d82b2-8fc4-4ff3-b43d-777671076d81\", \"amount\": { \"$class\": \"\", \"doubleValue\": 299.99, \"currencyCode\": \"USD\" }, \"date\": \"2018-01-30\", \"maker\": \"Jason\", \"interestRate\": 3.8, \"individual\": true, \"makerAddress\": \"1 Main Street\", \"lender\": \"Clause Inc.\", \"legalEntity\": \"CORP\", \"lenderAddress\": \"246 5th Ave, 3rd Fl, New York, NY 10001\", \"principal\": { \"$class\": \"\", \"doubleValue\": 500, \"currencyCode\": \"USD\" }, \"maturityDate\": \"2019-01-20\", \"defaultDays\": 90, \"insolvencyDays\": 90, \"jurisdiction\": \"New York, NY\" }", contractText: "[ ... Contract goes here ... ]"

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