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R3 Product Documentation

The documentation source files are under the ../content directory in the corda-docs-portal repository, and is written in markdown.

The HTML documentation output is generated using Hugo. You can build and edit the docs locally using npm and a markdown editor.

Build and edit the docs locally

  1. Install npm.
  2. Install a markdown editor of your choice.
  3. Fork the corda/corda-docs-portal repository, and clone your fork.
  4. From the root directory of the repository, run npm install. This installs all the required modules to build the documentation locally.
  5. Open a new branch and create/edit the relevant markdown file(s) in the content directory.
  6. Run hugo server --watch=false to build the documentation locally. Please note that due to an existing unresolved Hugo bug that manifests for larger websites like, at the moment it is not possible to build the documentation locally with dynamic content refresh - you need to CTRL-C and run the build again after you make changes to your content. We hope that Hugo will resolve this soon!
  7. Navigate to https://localhost:1313 to view the locally built documentation.
  8. Push your changes to GitHub and open a pull request.

Keep your fork in sync with the documentation

To best way to keep your fork in sync with the main documentation repository is to add it an upstream remote after you create your fork.

Add the upstream remote

To add an upstream remote:

git remote add upstream

The URL of a remote can be changed using the git remote set-url command.

View your remotes

To view your remotes:

git remote -v

Remove a remote

If you need to remove a remote:

git remote rm remote-name

Get the latest updates from the upstream remote

To update your current branch, rebase on the latest changes from the upstream remote. This will protect any unmerged commits from being overwritten:

git rebase upstream/main

Tell us what you think

We would greatly appreciate your feedback about the documentation content, website, and repository.

  1. Chat with us on our #docs channel on slack. You can also join a lot of other slack channels there and have access to 1-on-1 communication with members of the R3 team and the online community.
  2. Create a new GitHub issue in this repository - submit technical feedback, draw attention to a potential documentation bug, or share ideas for improvement and general feedback.
  3. Help us to improve the docs by contributing to the content directly. It's simple - just fork this repository and raise a PR of your own - R3's Technical Writers will review it and apply the relevant suggestions. Learn how to do this here.