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List of Contributors

We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions to the Corda Solutions material. We have had huge amounts of help in producing and reviewing concepts and their implementations.

Over time some people will have moved to different organisations but we have tried to represent who they were with at the time of any contributions.

Please forgive any omissions, and create a pull request, or email, if you wish to see changes to this list.

  • Alex Koller (R3)
  • Clinton Alexander (R3)
  • Cristina Buendia (R3)
  • Dave Hudson (R3)
  • Guy Hochstetler (R3)
  • Ivan Schasny (R3)
  • Mark Raynes (R3)
  • Matt Bradbury (R3)
  • Matt Layton (Trade IX)
  • Mike Hearn (R3)
  • Moritz Platt (R3)
  • Nigel King (R3)
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