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A simple structure for an event-driven exam application design
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Comcom Exam

This library aims at abstracting an exam/test procedure taken by a user by providing interfaces and simple logic with the most decoupled possible approach.

Exam definition - RFC

An examination, as of it's definition is:

examination: a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge;

"when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions"

So what we are here defining is a basic set of requirements of an exam component

Exam Interface

An User must just implement the user interface.

An Exam must fit with following conditions:

  • must have an assigned user
  • provide a description of itself (ViewModel or other serializations to be decided).
  • provide its status (getStatus providing 'initialized', 'completed' or 'aborted'?).
  • allow a user to start it (start method?)
  • allow a user to quit it (abort method?)
  • allow a user to complete it (end method?)
  • allow the user to iterate over its steps (implement the Iterator interface)
  • allow the user to move to an arbitrary step
  • allow getting an evaluation

Single steps of an exam must fit with following conditions:

  • provide description of itself
  • allow reading it (and implicitly set status?)
  • allow getting its status ('visited', 'answered', 'clean') ?
  • allow setting an answer
  • allow getting its answer
  • allow getting an evaluation

Exam Events

Following events have to be triggered during the default workflow of an examination:

  • 'exam.create' - exam is created
  • 'exam.status' - exam status is modified
  • 'exam.start' - exam user starts the exam
  • 'exam.end' - exam is completed
  • 'exam.abort' - exam is aborted
  • 'exam.iterate' - exam step is fetched
  • 'exam.evaluate' - exam evaluation is generated
  • 'examstep.status' - exam step status is changed
  • 'examstep.visit' - exam step is visited
  • 'examstep.answer' - exam step is answered
  • 'examstep.evaluate' - exam step evaluation is generated
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