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Example project using the Core3D engine. Shows how to setup & display a simple scene.

  1. Checkout Core3D next to Core3D-Example

    git clone
    git clone
    • Mac: Open CoreBreach.xcodeproj in Xcode 4.x and hit the build button
    • Lin:

      1. Install clang 3.0 or newer either from your system package management (if recent enough) or from source.
      2. Install from source recent versions from GNUstep (base >= 1.24.0, gui 0.22) and libobjc2 (version >= 1.5.0). The reason to install these from source is that linux distributions either don't have these packages (libobjc2) or don't have recent enough versions (GNUstep). Beware, what debian/ubuntu calls libobjc2 in their package system actually is not libobjc2 at all, you need the REAL libobjc2 from here. At this point you should verify that you are able to build gnustep projects and your system compiler defaults to clang.
      3. Install the development versions of OpenGL, SDL, SDL_mixer & freetype using your native package management
      4. Then compile & run like any other GNUstep project using the GNUmakefile, i.e.:

        cd Core3D-Example; make ; openapp ./
    • BSD: Building the project on BSD or other Unix systems should be similar to Linux with the exception that you need to provide some missing libraries that are provided pre-built on Linux:

      • Engine-dependencies: Core3D/_DEPENDENCIES/libs-linux*/:

        • Bullet: you should compile the version provided in Core3D/_DEPENDENCIES/sources/bullet/ using gcc

        • Alut: install using system package management