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Core Network

Core Network is an ambitious project designed to connect the data sources that we care most about into a single unified dashboard:

  • Our social networks
  • Our curated collections
  • Our sensemaking information

Core Network offers an extensible collection of isomorphic visualization-style interfaces. Each interface has particular strengths, so the user can switch between interfaces depending upon the data set and the desired interaction style.

Data Ownership

Core Network allows us to take back our data. Imagine working in a tight-knit core of half a dozen collaborators -- their work is spread through multiple software systems: perhaps Github, Trello, Twitter, and Slack. Core Network gives a single unified interface to make sense of all of the data aggregated in realtime from multiple sources, and allows us to fluidly navigate to the original source application. Core Network does not want to take over our personal data, it wants to connect the data that is currently in a variety of silos, bringing it together into a single unified dashboard.

Visual Feature Tour

Here is a high level visual slide deck

Open Source Stack

  • The primary interface is through the visualization layer, which allows filtering, sensemaking and visual navigation of all data (technology: threejs)
  • Each individual or organization will have a server side agent, to gather information from other users and networks (technology: nodejs, IPNS)
  • All data is reflected to a permanent distributed storage layer (technology: InterPlanetary File System)

Project Genesis

The Core Network project comes out of ideas fostered and sponsored by Enlightened Structure and Superluminal ⨕ Systems.

Project Status

Core Network is in active development, focussing on:

  • Morphing Multiple visualization interfaces
  • Visualizing streams in IPFS
  • Publishing via IPNS

To learn more, visit our project management card wall, or check out our other projects.