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#import "CPTBorderedLayer.h"
#import "CPTTextStyle.h"
/// @file
extern const CGFloat kCPTTextLayerMarginWidth; ///< Margin width around the text.
@interface CPTTextLayer : CPTBorderedLayer
@property (readwrite, copy, nonatomic, nullable) NSString *text;
@property (readwrite, strong, nonatomic, nullable) CPTTextStyle *textStyle;
@property (readwrite, copy, nonatomic, nullable) NSAttributedString *attributedText;
@property (readwrite, nonatomic) CGSize maximumSize;
/// @name Initialization
/// @{
-(nonnull instancetype)initWithText:(nullable NSString *)newText;
-(nonnull instancetype)initWithText:(nullable NSString *)newText style:(nullable CPTTextStyle *)newStyle NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER;
-(nonnull instancetype)initWithAttributedText:(nullable NSAttributedString *)newText;
-(nullable instancetype)initWithCoder:(nonnull NSCoder *)coder NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER;
-(nonnull instancetype)initWithLayer:(nonnull id)layer NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER;
/// @}
/// @name Layout
/// @{
/// @}
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