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Git Linear Flow

Value proposition: a git workflow, ensuring clean and readable linear commit histories everywhere and anytime

Git commit histories can become messy and intransparent. We propose a git workflow which ensures clean and readable linear commit histories at anytime and any branch.

Rule #1

Remember: pull-rebase instead of pull-merge

Use git pull --rebase always. It avoids automatically generated merge commits by replaying your local commits on top of the new tip of the remote branch.

Use git config --global pull.rebase true to make it a default. From now on you can continue to use git pull as before.

In case you are interested, the command git pull --rebase is equivalent to:

git fetch origin
git rebase --onto origin/<branch> origin/<branch>@{1} <branch>

Rule #2

Remember: interactive-rebase instead of merge

Use git rebase -i <other-branch> instead of git merge <other-branch> to update your current branch. Always use interactive (-i) rebase!

Make sure the team adheres to rule #1 to avoid unintended side-effects.

Use the safe git push --force-with-lease to avoid losing work when you update your remote branch afterward. Do NOT use git push --force, as it will not check if somebody else updated the remote branch without you noticing.

Rule #3

Remember: fast forward merges only

Use git merge --ff-only instead of git merge as a safeguard. Once you follow rule #1 and #2, all merges will be fast-forward merges only. --ff-only is a simple shield to ensure you did not break one of the first two rules.

Your Reward

Check your commit histories by executing gitk --all, once you follow these three simple rules. Compare these histories to those of other projects containing implicit merge commits. You will be surprised!

A clean and readable linear commit history:

A clean and readable linear commit history

A messy and confusing commit history (non-linear):

A messy and confusing commit history