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Release of new version 3.0.1

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core23 committed Dec 29, 2018
1 parent 1f8b080 commit c5ba5fe27848f3adf010f6dd2fe4d1bc066c29b9
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29/12/2018 08:50 3.0.1 Removed symfony deprecations
1f8b080 Fixed phpunit config for release command
c84ca4a Use asserts for type safe root config nodes
dc8ab25 Removed deprecation warnings
236d792 Removed deprecation warnings
9d18554 Added platform workaround for php-cs-fixer tool
bc7ed9d Require latest phpunit bridge
51702c3 Require latest phpunit bridge
c204ddb Travis: Test against PHP 7.3
569106d Dropped support for PHP 7.1
7a84780 Fixed syntax error in editorconfig
538403d Moved test dependencies to vendor-bin
6f84d8f Fixed CS
20/10/2018 16:18 3.0.0 Stable release

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