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Stefan Berger and KevinOConnor tcgbios: Implement TPM 2.0 menu item to activate and deactivate PCR b…

Implement a TPM 2.0 menu item that allows a user to toggle the activation
of PCR banks of the TPM 2.0. After successful activation we shut down the
TPM 2.0 and reset the machine.


A TPM 2.0 may have multiple PCR banks, such as for SHA1, SHA256, SHA384,
SHA512, and SM3-256. One or multiple of those banks may be active (by
factory for example) and modifying the set of active PCR banks is only
possible while in the firmware since it requires platform authorization.
Platform authorization is not possible for a user when in the OS since
the firmware generates a random password for the platform authorization
before booting the system and it throws that password away.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Berger <stefanb@linux.ibm.com>
Latest commit 171fc89 Jan 30, 2019


Welcome to the SeaBIOS project!  This project implements an X86 legacy
bios that is built with standard GNU tools.

Please see build and developer information at:


For the impatient, SeaBIOS is built for QEMU and tested on QEMU with:

  qemu -bios out/bios.bin

SeaBIOS can be configured with kconfig.  To change the default
configuration one can run "make menuconfig" prior to running "make".

For other types of builds, and for more detailed developer
documentation, please see the online documentation listed above.