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Fonter v1.8 - The new generation of font manipulation. Since there were basically no universal font editors out there for linux (I only found two), I decided to write this one. I hope that all the deluxe features that this program offers, help you to create some fantastic console fonts. Let me stress that this is my FIRST C program of any OS. So if the code is hard to read, or what have you, please do not tell me about it. This program is modeled almost exactly the same as my MS-DOS font editor, which I created some time ago. If you would like a copy of it, please email me. The only code that I semi copied was from the setfont source. I had to look at that code to figure out how the ioctl commands work to change the console font. There is NO WARRANTY with this program btw.. Which means I am in no way responsable for anything that happens.

If you have any questions, please contact me via GitHub.

For installation, just type 'make' and enjoy. This program currently does not support 'make install', which it most likely will in the future. Sorry :(.

Please read the files in the docs/ directory also. At least read the COPYRIGHT and FONT_CREDITS file. Thank you. If you don't read those files, it will not protect you in any way.

Happy Fonting, Chris


Linux console font editor and changer. This was written in 1998, my first C program. It was a copy of a MS-DOS version that I wrote in Pascal.






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