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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [HISTORY] =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

v0.7 Beta released 2/11/99 Added nickname completion Added /umode support Updated /server support Added "Add server to list" capability Added TabBar to keep small tabs for all active windows Added nice WHOIS wrapper Alias support started Added DCC Send/receive Added easy access to server lists Added /AME support Fixed a bug with Nickname changing on multiple channels Added mIRC color code support Added many more /commands, in Standard #2 Tab

v0.5 Beta released 12/20/98 Very primative. But stable

Started on 12/3/98 Author's first day in delphi

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= [TODO LIST] =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Add ANSI Color Code Support Add News support in statusbar! Add option: Close channels on disconnect? Add option: Load/save user profiles? Add List users on join option Add background image support to each window Add allow sending lower case ctcp OPTION Add channel list support. Smile Silicon Magus Add popups support (MSG, STATUS, and CHANNEL) Make it so if a message window has 'S' as the first char, it won't crash. Make it so setup window is dynamic, not staying in memory How about resume in the dcc send /rec and auto Add insert name option like in iDJ Make it so dalnet's NOTICE AUTH's are red like other servers Make it so you can customize all strings, like: <%nick> %msg with format() Add D/L Directory setting (Dir creation with the user sendings nick) Add DCC resume capability. Add clear status window upon disconnection option Add inputting of color codes Make Tab nick completion cycle through like nicks somehow... Add Changing fonts abilities Add command completion Add multiple clipboard regions Make it so it clears registry entries if older version found. Add color entering support Add in depth Command List help, so you click on it and it explains more Add option: Startup with N server windows Fix it so when you click the right top X, it closes correctly, closing all windows no matter what Add Function key support to input command line commands check mirc web page for list of commands, and impliment Fix bug where if joining and creating a new channel, it says 0chops and 1 nops *** sets mode: +o W (mirc) *** sets mode +o W (kirc)

TOMORROW Make it so it has url hovering Fix up color/bold/underline etc color code entering, and addstatus proc to all other forms add reverse color support when text is copied, say so in statusbar fix /names problem for if your already in that chan Add option to save in Registry or .ini files (check each)

enable xdcc file offerings enable /exec, /load, and /mci play commands close dcc windows on finish block size options add finger server support enable logging options, time stamps too keep channel box and channel list open after joining a channel show whois dialog for command line whois queries hide ping/pong display in server windows (PONG) use query window for private msgs? auto minimize incoming query windows perform syntax check for scripts save window size/pos's strip color codes flash borders when minimized windowcontents change (window selections for above) enable button hover-highlighting display blank line at end of text windows maximize client on startup hide main window status bar hide window tab dsenable graphical titl bar uyse dual pane format for dcc chat windows add notify list add ignore list add user lists and user levels join/quit sounds connect to server at startup auto reconnect to server (amount of times for above) show notify list pane in server windows by default open channel box auto on connect auto rejoin channel when kicked seamlessly rejoin channel on kick or cycle (don't close channel window) show channel op control panel if you have channel ops close channel and query windows when disconnected from server when connected to a server, rejoin channels that you were previously on confirm before disconnecting vfom server or existing virc98 enable flood protection lcaolly and remotely titlebar format (string) enabled /disable options for ctcp requests enable tips at startup enable fast dcc transfer add even customization (text client displays) add scripting add popup editor add tile horiz and very options add importing of all .ini's / reg settings from other clients. vIRC, mIRC, pirch, etc fix bug with modes in caption not showing +l 50, etc when windows screen saver is on, say so on irc


Killer IRC, written in 1999 in Delphi.



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