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  1. What is CoreDNS?
  2. How to use it?
  3. How to get involved and get help.

The website is created with HUGO, you'll need to download and install that if you want to locally work on the website. For creating new content it is not needed.

We have three types of pages.

  • Home - themes/coredns/layouts/index.html
  • Blog/News/Documentation - content/blog/* (depends on params, see archetypes)
  • Plugins - content/plugins/* and content/explugins/*

Any blog post you'll tag with 'stale' will pop up a warning after 9 months that the content of the post may not reflect the current workings of CoreDNS.

Releases should be tagged with 'release = "number" and data/coredns.toml should be updated with the number.

data/subtext.toml controls the buttons for "Docs", "Plugins" and "External Plugins".


  • new release: hugo new -k release blog/coredns-<number>.md
  • new blog: hugo new -k blog blog/coredns-<number>.md
  • new blog that will also be documentation: hugo new -k doc blog/coredns-<number>.md


For the colors we have:

  • Dark: #280071 (40, 0, 113)
  • Middle: #5F259F (95, 37, 159)
  • Light: #8246AF (130, 70, 175)

The open source font Lato is very close to Brandon Grotesque (which is used in the logo). Try to use this for any imagery you add.

See the style directory for Libre Office Draw templates you can use.


See the top-level (i.e. not in the themes directory) layout/partials/popup.html for adjusting the text. This can used for important notifications.

Corefile Snippets

Any Corefile snippets should be use the (fake) language corefile, we have a small utility that checks all these snippets to see if they are still valid.

New CoreDNS releases

  • Sync the notes from the official coredns/coredns repo into this repo by running: make PLUGINDIR=~coredns/plugin sync
  • This should update the releases notes in content/blog/coredns-<version>.
  • After this step you should manually (never got this to automatically to work) update data/coredns.toml and set the latest release in that file and then run make old to update the old(er) HUGO site.