Scripts, utilities, and examples for deploying CoreDNS.
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Scripts, utilities, and examples for deploying CoreDNS.


The default settings will proxy all requests to hostnames not found in your host file to Google's DNS-over-HTTPS.

To install:

  • Run brew tap "coredns/deployment" ""
  • Run brew install coredns
  • Run sudo brew services start coredns
  • test with dig @ and you should see SERVER:

Using CoreDNS as your default resolver:

  • Open Network Preferences
  • Select your interface i.e Wi-Fi
  • Click Advanced
  • Select the DNS tab
  • Click the + below the DNS Servers list box
  • Type and hit enter
  • Click OK
  • Click Apply


On a debian system:

  • Run dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b --target-arch ARCH Where ARCH can be any of the released architectures, like "amd64" or "arm".
  • Most users will just run: dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b

To install:

  • Run dpkg -i coredns_0.9.10-0~9.20_amd64.deb.

This installs the coredns binary in /usr/bin, adds a coredns user (homedir set to /var/lib/coredns) and a small Corefile /etc/coredns.