Space API endpoint for Coredump Hackerspace, written in Rust.
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Coredump Space API Implementation

Build Status Docker Repository on Quay

This is our implementation of the Space API v0.13 in Rust. We're using the spaceapi and spaceapi-server crates to simplify the implementation.

Space API Documentation:


To get the current SpaceAPI status object:


To update a sensor value, send a PUT request to the sensor endpoint:

PUT /sensors/<data_key>/ value=<value>

Examples for curl and httpie:

$ curl -v -X PUT -d value=42.1337
$ http --form put :3000/sensors/people_now_present/ value=3



Use Cargo to build:

$ cargo build

Then you can start the spaceapi server:

$ cargo run

You can also specify a different ip or port:

$ cargo run -- -i -p 1337

To specify another Redis instance than redis://, set the REDIS_HOST, REDIS_PORT and/or REDIS_DB env variables.


If you want to see logging, set the RUST_LOG env variable:

$ cargo build
$ RUST_LOG=warn target/debug/coredump_status

You can also show logs only from a specific crate:

$ RUST_LOG=spaceapi_server=debug cargo run



To use the redis storage start the redis server:

$ redis-server

(...or start it using your favorite init daemon.)

You can access the database with the redis-cli tool:

% redis-cli> SET people_now_present 1
OK> GET people_now_present
"1"> KEYS *
1) "people_now_present"


We currently store data in the following redis keys:

  • people_now_present (integer)
  • raspi_temperature (float)
  • room_temperature (float)

Docker Image

To build the docker image based on the current codebase:

$ docker build -t coredump/status:latest .

If you want to test this using a redis database, first launch a redis container:

$ docker run -d --name spaceapi-redis redis:3.0

Then launch a new container from the image:

$ export PORT=3000
$ docker run -d --name spaceapi -p$PORT:3000 --link spaceapi-redis coredump/status

(If you don't need a datastore, you can also leave away the redis container and the --link argument.)

To stop it again:

$ docker stop spaceapi
$ docker stop spaceapi-redis

The docker image at will be automatically rebuilt on every push to master.