Automatically refresh directory listing on external changes #37

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subhog commented Jan 11, 2012

I've got an existing project and I'd like to paste some files. There's no such option in nide itself, which is not awesome but understood. The problem is that when I do this in file browser, nide doesn't see the pasted files.

coreh commented Jan 12, 2012

There's now an option for manually refreshing the directory structure on v0.2. It's not the ideal solution (ideally nide should detect the changes automatically) but it's already an improvement. I'll rename this issue title so it's a suggestion for automatic detection of changes in the project folder.

subhog commented Jan 12, 2012


this might be useful for the future:

coreh commented Jul 8, 2012

@arieljake This looks promising, but we need to test how it performs for large projects.

A new feature is to watch folders recurively. However, polling for changes on the file 
system is slow. And I did not test this module on a large number of files and nested folders.

yes, i saw that.

Perhaps an alternative is to initially focus on the use case of multiple Nide users. That means ignoring the case where someone is editing the files on the server directly or through another client (such as FTP).

In this case, we could use websockets to proactively inform clients when files are saved. I believe this would be scalable.

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