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Hi, I would like to offer a contribution to Nide: an editor for package.json files.

It was built in the nature of the other editors in the app.

I do have a lingering question about sync'ing files between editors.

@arieljake arieljake closed this Jul 8, 2012
@coreh coreh reopened this Jul 8, 2012
@coreh (Deprecated Projects) member

Hey @arieljake, is there a reason why this was closed? do you want me to wait for something before merging it?

@coreh (Deprecated Projects) member

BTW, thanks for the patch :-D


no reason other than that I wanted to stop new commits from being added. This is my first pull request so im trying to figure out how to limit the commits i put into it.

@arieljake arieljake preferences update - open/close style, auto save, notify code editor,…
… added show-line-numbers and indent-unit

preferences dialog auto saves :input fields as cookies by the field
preferences dialog, on saving line numbers pref, updates code editors:
ui -> editor pool -> editors
preferences dialog shows/hides but does not rebuild each time anymore

NOTE: all editor types return "this" from constructor not just DIV
element anymore, and to preserve backwards-compatibility, sets the root
DIV as 'this.element'

to help with handling pull requests, should we prioritize creating some tests?
have you used zombie before?


also, if you do accept the additions, can you review my CSS styling and adjust as necessary to keep Nide beautiful! :)

arieljake added some commits Jul 9, 2012
@arieljake arieljake attribution to for cheatsheet
also, debug engines cheat
@arieljake arieljake new dialog and popup menu base classes
gear menu and code runner using new base classes
beginning of code autocompletion
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