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Commits on Apr 30, 2014
  1. @egypt
  2. @wvu-r7
  3. @wvu-r7
  4. @kaospunk

    Changes PATH to proper case

    kaospunk authored
    This changes PATH to Path
  5. @kaospunk

    Adds the ability to specify path

    kaospunk authored
    This update allows an explicit path to be set rather
    than purely relying on the TEMP environment variable.
  6. @jvazquez-r7
  7. @jvazquez-r7

    Clean up pull request code

    jvazquez-r7 authored
  8. @wvu-r7
  9. @mubix
Commits on Apr 29, 2014
  1. @egypt
Commits on Apr 28, 2014
  1. @wchen-r7

    Land #3312 - Update ms14-012

    wchen-r7 authored
  2. @wchen-r7
  3. @jvazquez-r7
  4. @jvazquez-r7
  5. @Th4nat0s

    test nil of port & host

    Th4nat0s authored
  6. @Th4nat0s

    Obey to reviewer.. code fix

    Th4nat0s authored
  7. @jvazquez-r7
  8. @wchen-r7
  9. @wchen-r7
  10. @wchen-r7

    Land #3311 - Fixup release

    wchen-r7 authored
  11. @todb-r7
  12. @todb-r7


    todb-r7 authored
  13. @todb-r7

    Touch up print_ statements

    todb-r7 authored
  14. @todb-r7
  15. @todb-r7
  16. @wchen-r7
  17. @shuckins-r7
  18. @wvu-r7
  19. @plaguna

    Update oracle_demantra_file_retrieval.rb

    plaguna authored
    Fixed typo
  20. @Zinterax

    Fix smb_login calling nonexistent method

    Zinterax authored
    When a Rex::Proto::SMB::Exceptions::InvalidWordCount exception is thrown by this module, it attempts to call the nonexistent method error_reason and throws a NoMethodError:
    Auxiliary failed: NoMethodError undefined method `error_reason' for #<Rex::Proto::SMB::Exceptions::InvalidWordCount:0x007f48fcda0e48>
    This changes uses the built in method get_error to return an error code.
    [-] x.x.x.x:445 SMB - [1/1] - \\Domain - FAILED LOGIN (xxxxxxxx) xxxx : xxxxx [STATUS_WAIT_0]
  21. @Th4nat0s

    move scanner to gather

    Th4nat0s authored
  22. @Th4nat0s

    Pass msftidy

    Th4nat0s authored
  23. @Th4nat0s

    Change hash to array

    Th4nat0s authored
  24. @Th4nat0s
  25. @Th4nat0s

    unless id

    Th4nat0s authored
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