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Commits on May 01, 2012
@tobie tobie Add section on WOFF. d62181a
@tobie tobie Merge pull request #5 from tobie/woff
Add section on WOFF.
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@@ -286,12 +286,31 @@
- <p>
- </p>
- <!--
- - XXX
- -->
+ <section class='informative'>
+ <h3>Overview</h3>
+ <p>
+ <acronym title="Web Open Font Format">WOFF</acronym> is a simple
+ compressed file format for packaging fonts. It addresses the main
+ issues which have slowed rich font adoption on the Web:
+ interoperability (WOFF is the first interoperable format with broad
+ industry adoption), licensing considerations (licensing terms can be
+ attached to the font file as metadata in WOFF), and file size (WOFF
+ uses gzip compression).
+ </p>
+ </section>
+ <section>
+ <h3>Conformance</h3>
+ <p>
+ User agents MUST support [[!WOFF]].
+ </p>
+ </section>
+ <section class='informative'>
+ <h2>Related APIs</h2>
+ <p>
+ Packaged fonts are linked to Web documents by means of the
+ <code>@font-face</code> rule specified in [[CSS3FONT]].
+ </p>
+ </section>

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