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@@ -69,10 +69,6 @@
<h2>HTML Media Capture</h2>
<p>User agents MUST support HTML Media Capture [[!HTMLMEDIACAPTURE]].</p>
- <p class='note'>
- When presented with a <code>capture</code> attribute set to <code>"camera"</code>, <code>"camcorder"</code>, or <code>"microphone"</code> User Agents are urged to invoke a file picker of a specific capture control type rather than of a generic type. E.g. when the <code>capture</code> attribute is <code>"camera"</code>, a mobile phone should let the user take a picture using the device's default camera application in fullscreen mode.</p>
- <p class='issue'>HTML Media Capture is just a Working Draft at this point.</p>
- <p class='issue'>The <code>capture</code> attribute is merely a hint. Documented use cases would really require invoking the file picker of the relevant capture control type. Started a <a href="">thread</a> about this on</p>
@@ -83,7 +79,6 @@
<h2><code>meta</code> Elements</h2>
<p>User agents MUST support CSS Device Adaptation [[!CSS-ADAPTATION]] as specified through a <code>meta</code> viewport element.</p>
- <p class='issue'>This spec is currently <a href="">marked as exploratory</a> by the CSS WG. Does not seem to be too much of an issue given the meta syntax won't change.</p>
@@ -97,7 +92,7 @@
- <h2>Full-screen Mode</h2>
+ <h2>Chromeless Mode</h2>
<p class='issue'>Within the scope of the WebApps WG's <a href=''>charter</a>. Could end up as an attribute of <a href="#application-configuration">Application Configuration</a>.</p>
@@ -122,7 +117,6 @@
<p>User agents MUST support CSS Flexible Box Layout [[!FLEXBOX]].</p>
- <p class='issue'>Flexbox is a WD, it was re-written from the ground-up <em>after</em> Mozilla's initial implementation. Unsure about the position of implementors outside of WebKit.</p>
<p>User agents MUST support CSS Transforms [[!CSS3-TRANSFORMS]].</p>

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