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DCGAN (Deep Convolution Generative Adversarial Networks)

This script implements the paper Unsupervised Representation Learning with Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks.


Run python3 to start training GAN.


  • dataset setting and data loader.
  • discriminator and generator network model.
  • parameters for the training process.
  • some useful fuctions for training.


After 20 epochs training on CFAIR-10, the generator can sample as following:


But when we continue training, the discriminator may get very low loss, and then the generator wil stuck at a fixed loss value.

Epoch [24/25] Step [200/782]:d_loss=2.160674767992532e-07 g_loss=27.614051818847656 D(x)=2.160674767992532e-07 D(G(z))=0.0
Epoch [24/25] Step [210/782]:d_loss=6.410500191122992e-06 g_loss=27.623014450073242 D(x)=6.410500191122992e-06 D(G(z))=0.0
Epoch [24/25] Step [220/782]:d_loss=1.5441528375959024e-06 g_loss=27.62175750732422 D(x)=1.5441528375959024e-06 D(G(z))=0.0
Epoch [24/25] Step [230/782]:d_loss=3.24100881243794e-07 g_loss=27.62472152709961 D(x)=3.24100881243794e-07 D(G(z))=0.0

The result sample image becomes:


But after a while, everything gets right:

Epoch [25/25] Step [10/782]:d_loss=0.32297325134277344 g_loss=8.964262962341309 D(x)=0.3229268193244934 D(G(z))=4.6418874262599275e-05
Epoch [25/25] Step [20/782]:d_loss=0.006471103988587856 g_loss=7.038626194000244 D(x)=0.0035153746139258146 D(G(z))=0.002955729141831398
Epoch [25/25] Step [30/782]:d_loss=0.17143061757087708 g_loss=12.035135269165039 D(x)=0.17115993797779083 D(G(z))=0.0002706760715227574
Epoch [25/25] Step [40/782]:d_loss=0.21678031980991364 g_loss=11.419050216674805 D(x)=0.004731819964945316 D(G(z))=0.2120485007762909

The sample image recovers:


That indicates that the training process of DCGAN is unstable. Thus we need WGAN.


You can use some tips and tricks to improve the original DCGAN. The following tricks maybe work:

  • Avoid Sparse Gradients: ReLU, MaxPool
  • Use Soft and Noisy Labels
  • Add noise to inputs, decay over time
  • Use Dropouts in G in both train and test phase

Or just try WGAN!