ArtNet JAVA Lib (Compatible with protocol version 3) - DMX512
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Art-Net by Artistic Licence allows for broadcasting DMX data via IP/UDP. This library is implementing the basic protocol for Java applications.

Currently supported core features are:

  • ArtPoll Encode and Decode ArtPoll Packet
  • ArtPollReply Encode ArtPollReply
  • ArtTimeCode Encode and Decode ArtTimeCode
  • ArtDMX Encode and Decode ArtDMX

Currently supported events features are:

  • Art ArtNet packet event catch
  • ArtPoll ArtPoll event catch
  • ArtPollReply ArtPollReply event catch
  • ArtTimeCode ArtTimeCode event catch
  • ArtDMX ArtDMX event catch

  • onTerminate Server is die and disconnected

  • onConnect Server has binding address

Currently supported protocols are:

  • Broadcast Broadcast protocol (100%)
  • Unicast Unicast protocol (0%)