Toolbox quits when any program sends a sigkill not the top level command #1216

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achew22 commented Apr 11, 2016

Is there any way to make it only care about sigkill from the bash command that is the root of the process tree?


I can't reproduce this failure. Can you give me a simple test case?

achew22 commented May 8, 2016

This seems to make it happen on my box with ~100% reliability

achew22@springs:~$ sh -c 'sleep 1000s' &
[1] 21888
achew22@springs:~$ kill -9 %1
Container my-container terminated by signal KILL.

If I run that on other boxes it doesn't seem to have a problem with it killing the parent.


I cannot reproduce this in my toolbox (PRETTY_NAME="Fedora 23 (Twenty Three)"). Which version of Fedora is in your toolbox? Can you try recreating the toolbox with the latest?

daper commented Jun 11, 2016 edited

@achew22 The same for me. I've tried with an image of ubuntu, debian and fedora (latest versions). Any workarround to avoid this weird bug? Thank you all.

Edit: Not in fedora:latest, but when I try to run byobu (tmux wrapper), toolbox exits with the same message.


I'm getting the same error with pritunl/archlinux any time I try to install a package (e.g. pacman -S tmux). But I tried @achew22's test and that doesn't kill it.

@dm0- dm0- referenced this issue in coreos/toolbox Dec 9, 2016

Switch to rkt #34


There is a workaround linked several issues over. just copying it over to this issue since it took me a while to track it down again and the other issues are closed as dupes of this one.

Use the previous fedora tag

echo "TOOLBOX_DOCKER_TAG=24" >>$HOME/.toolboxrc
ankon commented Jan 10, 2017

When one actually needs Fedora 25 for whatever reasons, this workaround from #1676 (comment) worked for me:

rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM*

There is another workaround: remove --share-system from systemd-nspawn command line. Somehow it propagates SIGKILL. I reference #1610 here

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