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This document tracks projects that integrate with Clair. Join the community, and help us keep the list up-to-date.

Projects and Quay Enterprise: Quay was the first container registry to integrate with Clair.

Dockyard: an open source container registry with Clair integration.

Yair: a lightweight command-line for working with clair with many different outputs. Mainly designed for usage in a CI Job.

Paclair: a Python3 CLI tool to interact with Clair (easily configurable to access private registries).

Clairctl: a lightweight command-line tool for working locally with Clair and generate HTML report.

Clair-SQS: a container containing Clair and additional processes that integrate Clair with Amazon SQS.

Klar: a simple command-line integration of Clair and Docker registry, designed to be used in scripts and CI.

reg: a docker registry CLI, which also runs Clair.

analyze-local-images: a deprecated tool to analyze local Docker images

check_openvz_mirror_with_clair: a tool to use Clair to analyze OpenVZ templates

Portus: an authorization service and frontend for Docker registry (v2).

clair-scanner: a project similar to 'analyze-local-images' with a whitelisting feature

clair-singularity: a command-line tool to scan Singularity container images using Clair.