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// Copyright 2019 clair authors
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// Package database defines the Clair's models and a common interface for
// database implementations.
package database
import (
var (
// ErrBackendException is an error that occurs when the database backend
// does not work properly (ie. unreachable).
ErrBackendException = NewStorageError("an error occurred when querying the backend")
// ErrInconsistent is an error that occurs when a database consistency check
// fails (i.e. when an entity which is supposed to be unique is detected
// twice)
ErrInconsistent = NewStorageError("inconsistent database")
// ErrInvalidParameters is an error that occurs when the parameters are not valid.
ErrInvalidParameters = NewStorageError("parameters are not valid")
// ErrMissingEntities is an error that occurs when an associated immutable
// entity doesn't exist in the database. This error can indicate a wrong
// implementation or corrupted database.
ErrMissingEntities = NewStorageError("associated immutable entities are missing in the database")
// RegistrableComponentConfig is a configuration block that can be used to
// determine which registrable component should be initialized and pass custom
// configuration to it.
type RegistrableComponentConfig struct {
Type string
Options map[string]interface{}
var drivers = make(map[string]Driver)
// Driver is a function that opens a Datastore specified by its database driver
// type and specific configuration.
type Driver func(RegistrableComponentConfig) (Datastore, error)
// Register makes a Constructor available by the provided name.
// If this function is called twice with the same name or if the Constructor is
// nil, it panics.
func Register(name string, driver Driver) {
if driver == nil {
panic("database: could not register nil Driver")
if _, dup := drivers[name]; dup {
panic("database: could not register duplicate Driver: " + name)
drivers[name] = driver
// Open opens a Datastore specified by a configuration.
func Open(cfg RegistrableComponentConfig) (Datastore, error) {
driver, ok := drivers[cfg.Type]
if !ok {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("database: unknown Driver %q (forgotten configuration or import?)", cfg.Type)
return driver(cfg)
// Session contains the required operations on a persistent data store for a
// Clair deployment.
// Session is started by Datastore.Begin and terminated with Commit or Rollback.
// Besides Commit and Rollback, other functions cannot be called after the
// session is terminated.
// Any function is not guaranteed to be called successfully if there's a session
// failure.
type Session interface {
// Commit commits changes to datastore.
// Commit call after Rollback does no-op.
Commit() error
// Rollback drops changes to datastore.
// Rollback call after Commit does no-op.
Rollback() error
// UpsertAncestry inserts or replaces an ancestry and its namespaced
// features and processors used to scan the ancestry.
UpsertAncestry(Ancestry) error
// FindAncestry retrieves an ancestry with all detected
// namespaced features. If the ancestry is not found, return false.
FindAncestry(name string) (ancestry Ancestry, found bool, err error)
// PersistDetector inserts a slice of detectors if not in the database.
PersistDetectors(detectors []Detector) error
// PersistFeatures inserts a set of features if not in the database.
PersistFeatures(features []Feature) error
// PersistNamespacedFeatures inserts a set of namespaced features if not in
// the database.
PersistNamespacedFeatures([]NamespacedFeature) error
// CacheAffectedNamespacedFeatures relates the namespaced features with the
// vulnerabilities affecting these features.
// NOTE(Sida): it's not necessary for every database implementation and so
// this function may have a better home.
CacheAffectedNamespacedFeatures([]NamespacedFeature) error
// FindAffectedNamespacedFeatures retrieves a set of namespaced features
// with affecting vulnerabilities.
FindAffectedNamespacedFeatures(features []NamespacedFeature) ([]NullableAffectedNamespacedFeature, error)
// PersistNamespaces inserts a set of namespaces if not in the database.
PersistNamespaces([]Namespace) error
// PersistLayer appends a layer's content in the database.
// If any feature, namespace, or detector is not in the database, it returns not found error.
PersistLayer(hash string, features []LayerFeature, namespaces []LayerNamespace, detectedBy []Detector) error
// FindLayer returns a layer with all detected features and
// namespaces.
FindLayer(hash string) (layer Layer, found bool, err error)
// InsertVulnerabilities inserts a set of UNIQUE vulnerabilities with
// affected features into database, assuming that all vulnerabilities
// provided are NOT in database and all vulnerabilities' namespaces are
// already in the database.
InsertVulnerabilities([]VulnerabilityWithAffected) error
// FindVulnerability retrieves a set of Vulnerabilities with affected
// features.
FindVulnerabilities([]VulnerabilityID) ([]NullableVulnerability, error)
// DeleteVulnerability removes a set of Vulnerabilities assuming that the
// requested vulnerabilities are in the database.
DeleteVulnerabilities([]VulnerabilityID) error
// InsertVulnerabilityNotifications inserts a set of unique vulnerability
// notifications into datastore, assuming that they are not in the database.
InsertVulnerabilityNotifications([]VulnerabilityNotification) error
// FindNewNotification retrieves a notification, which has never been
// notified or notified before a certain time.
FindNewNotification(notifiedBefore time.Time) (hook NotificationHook, found bool, err error)
// FindVulnerabilityNotification retrieves a vulnerability notification with
// affected ancestries affected by old or new vulnerability.
// Because the number of affected ancestries maybe large, they are paginated
// and their pages are specified by the pagination token, which should be
// considered first page when it's empty.
FindVulnerabilityNotification(name string, limit int, oldVulnerabilityPage pagination.Token, newVulnerabilityPage pagination.Token) (noti VulnerabilityNotificationWithVulnerable, found bool, err error)
// MarkNotificationAsRead marks a Notification as notified now, assuming
// the requested notification is in the database.
MarkNotificationAsRead(name string) error
// DeleteNotification removes a Notification in the database.
DeleteNotification(name string) error
// UpdateKeyValue stores or updates a simple key/value pair.
UpdateKeyValue(key, value string) error
// FindKeyValue retrieves a value from the given key.
FindKeyValue(key string) (value string, found bool, err error)
// AcquireLock acquires a brand new lock in the database with a given name
// for the given duration.
// A lock can only have one owner.
// This method should NOT block until a lock is acquired.
AcquireLock(name, owner string, duration time.Duration) (acquired bool, expiration time.Time, err error)
// ExtendLock extends an existing lock such that the lock will expire at the
// current time plus the provided duration.
// This method should return immediately with an error if the lock does not
// exist.
ExtendLock(name, owner string, duration time.Duration) (extended bool, expiration time.Time, err error)
// ReleaseLock releases an existing lock.
ReleaseLock(name, owner string) error
// Datastore represents a persistent data store
type Datastore interface {
// Begin starts a session to change.
Begin() (Session, error)
// Ping returns the health status of the database.
Ping() bool
// Close closes the database and frees any allocated resource.
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