Latest commit ff3c6ec Apr 25, 2016 @Quentin-M Quentin-M contrib: Catch signals to delete tmp folder in local-analyze-images
- Create the temporary folder earlier in the app (main instead of save)
- Catch SIGINT/SIGKILL signals to delete the temporary folder and exit

Analyze local images

This is a basic tool that allow you to analyze your local Docker images with Clair. It is intended to let everyone discover Clair and offer awareness around containers' security. There are absolutely no guarantees and it only uses a minimal subset of Clair's features.


To install the tool, simply run the following command, with a proper Go environment:

go get -u

You also need a working Clair instance. To learn how to run Clair, take a look at the README. You then should wait for its initial vulnerability update to complete, which may take some time.


If you are running Clair locally (ie. compiled or local Docker),

analyze-local-images <Docker Image ID>

Or, If you run Clair remotely (ie. boot2docker),

analyze-local-images -endpoint "http://<CLAIR-IP-ADDRESS>:6060" -my-address "<MY-IP-ADDRESS>" <Docker Image ID>

Clair needs access to the image files. If you run Clair locally, this tool will store the files in the system's temporary folder and Clair will find them there. It means if Clair is running in Docker, the host's temporary folder must be mounted in the Clair's container. If you run Clair remotely, this tool will run a small HTTP server to let Clair downloading them. It listens on the port 9279 and allows a single host: Clair's IP address, extracted from the -endpoint parameter. The my-address parameters defines the IP address of the HTTP server that Clair will use to download the images. With boot2docker, these parameters would be -endpoint "" -my-address "".

As it runs an HTTP server and not an HTTPS one, be sure to not expose sensitive data and container images.