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Fedora CoreOS

Welcome to the site for Fedora CoreOS. This site features announcements and news around Fedora CoreOS, and occasionally other container tooling news.

Website Contributors

The website runs on GitHub Pages via Jekyll to make it as convenient as possible for you to contribute. You can add blog posts by adding a file to the _posts folder. The file must use the following naming convention:

In the file itself, you will need to start with the following metadata:

title: <your title here>
layout: default
author: <your (nick)name here>
categories: [blogs]
tags: <your tags here>

<yourtext in markdown format goes here, check out other blog posts if you're unsure how to proceed>

Please pay attention to the categories: [blogs] section. Currently, these categories are available: [blogs], [talks] and [new].

NOTE: If you want to add a ':' (colon) to your title, you will need to instead use &#58;, otherwise the post will not be displayed on the index page. For example:

Instead of:

title: My first blog post: Can you believe it?


title: My first blog post&#58; Can you believe it?
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