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This document defines a high level roadmap for the etcd cluster operator development.

The dates below should not be considered authoritative, but rather indicative of the projected timeline of the project.

2017 Q1


  • Backup and recovery

    • Recover an etcd cluster from a PV backup -> finished
    • Backup an etcd cluster to S3 -> finished
    • Recover an etcd cluster from a S3 backup -> finished
  • Operationality

    • Pause/Resume the control for an etcd cluster -> finished
  • Metrics and logging

    • More structured logging
      • Add prefix for different clusters -> finished
      • Use infof, warningf, errorf consistently -> finished
    • Expose operator metrics
      • How many clusters it manages
      • How many actions it does
    • Expose the running status of the etcd cluster
      • cluster size, version
    • Expose errors
      • bad version, bad cluster size, dead cluster
  • Security

    • Server side TLS support


  • Verify user inputs

    • desired version
    • cluster size (do not stupidly increase cluster size to an unreasonable number)
  • More soak testing

  • 60%+ unit tests coverage