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Fedora CoreOS Pipeline

This is the Jenkins pipeline configuration for Fedora CoreOS.

The pipeline is built around coreos-assembler.

It uses the OpenShift Jenkins template and is meant to be fully compatible with the local dev oc cluster up workflow. For more information on getting started, see HACKING.

The production instance is running in CentOS CI (though note anonymous view is blocked by default). Its raw build output can be seen in the build browser (but note that the latest supported version of FCOS must be downloaded from the official page).

To operate the production Jenkins (or more generally to access the production namespace), you must have access to the cluster at and to the "fedora-coreos" project.

For more information on CentOS CI, see these resources:

If you need access, you can open a bug request at with your ACO credentials similar to this one.

You also need one of the project admins as a sponsor, please reach out on Libera.Chat #fedora-coreos channel.

You should also be able to run this pipeline and run it in any OpenShift cluster that supports (potentially nested) virtualization.


This repo tries to maintain a consistent set of words to avoid confusion around different concepts with similar names:

  • production/development/mechanical streams: refers to the Fedora CoreOS streams as defined in
  • official pipeline: the single official instance of this pipeline code, which runs in the fedora-coreos namespace on the CentOS CI OpenShift cluster and pushes to the fcos-builds bucket.
  • developer pipeline: a pipeline stood up by a developer running in a separate cluster/namespace

So for example, a developer pipeline may perform e.g. a production or development stream build, but release tooling only cares about builds performed by the official pipeline pushed to the official locations.

Avoid using the naked word devel. Always either use development (if talking about the streams) or developer (if talking about the pipeline).

Similarly, avoid using the word production alone, in favour of production stream or official pipeline.