Kube Subnet Manager

@tomdee tomdee released this Jan 10, 2017 · 305 commits to master since this release

This release introduces a new experimental feature. The Kubernetes API server can now be used as a datastore instead of etcd. This makes deployment easier as flannel no longer directly relies on the presence of an etcd server. To use it, pass the -kube-subnet-mgr option to the flannel daemon.

This release also contains a large number of merged PRs (thanks everyone for all your contributions, please keep them coming) and some other build, documentation and other minor improvements.

Key PRs merged

kubernetes API server as datastore
#483 add a subnet manager backed by the kubernetes apiserver
#564 Improve kube subnet lease handling
#518 Fix the kube-flannel.yaml in order to work

AWS backend
#540 AWS VPC backend fixes and cleanups
#523 aws-vpc: Fix crash when route has vpc-endpoints
#524 aws-vpc: remove "blackholes"
#507 Update aws-vpc-backend.md

Key Bug fixes
#522 Fixed #521: flanneld hang on at initialEvtsBatch := <-evts because of…
#495 The docker daemon syntax change addressed
#576: backend/vxlan: Set the netmask of the IP used for the vxlan device

#565 network manager: Improve logging
#555 vxlan logging verbosity
#574: backend/vxlan: Improve the comments and logging

#490 Add functional (end-to-end) testing
#503 Run e2e tests on travis