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package etcd
import (
const (
ErrCodeEtcdNotReachable = 501
ErrCodeUnhandledHTTPStatus = 502
var (
errorMap = map[int]string{
ErrCodeEtcdNotReachable: "All the given peers are not reachable",
type EtcdError struct {
ErrorCode int `json:"errorCode"`
Message string `json:"message"`
Cause string `json:"cause,omitempty"`
Index uint64 `json:"index"`
func (e EtcdError) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%v: %v (%v) [%v]", e.ErrorCode, e.Message, e.Cause, e.Index)
func newError(errorCode int, cause string, index uint64) *EtcdError {
return &EtcdError{
ErrorCode: errorCode,
Message: errorMap[errorCode],
Cause: cause,
Index: index,
func handleError(b []byte) error {
etcdErr := new(EtcdError)
err := json.Unmarshal(b, etcdErr)
if err != nil {
logger.Warningf("cannot unmarshal etcd error: %v", err)
return err
return etcdErr
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