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package etcd
// Get gets the file or directory associated with the given key.
// If the key points to a directory, files and directories under
// it will be returned in sorted or unsorted order, depending on
// the sort flag.
// If recursive is set to false, contents under child directories
// will not be returned.
// If recursive is set to true, all the contents will be returned.
func (c *Client) Get(key string, sort, recursive bool) (*Response, error) {
raw, err := c.RawGet(key, sort, recursive)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return raw.Unmarshal()
func (c *Client) RawGet(key string, sort, recursive bool) (*RawResponse, error) {
var q bool
if c.config.Consistency == STRONG_CONSISTENCY {
q = true
ops := Options{
"recursive": recursive,
"sorted": sort,
"quorum": q,
return c.get(key, ops)
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