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package etcd
import (
type Options map[string]interface{}
// An internally-used data structure that represents a mapping
// between valid options and their kinds
type validOptions map[string]reflect.Kind
// Valid options for GET, PUT, POST, DELETE
// Using CAPITALIZED_UNDERSCORE to emphasize that these
// values are meant to be used as constants.
var (
VALID_GET_OPTIONS = validOptions{
"recursive": reflect.Bool,
"quorum": reflect.Bool,
"sorted": reflect.Bool,
"wait": reflect.Bool,
"waitIndex": reflect.Uint64,
VALID_PUT_OPTIONS = validOptions{
"prevValue": reflect.String,
"prevIndex": reflect.Uint64,
"prevExist": reflect.Bool,
"dir": reflect.Bool,
VALID_POST_OPTIONS = validOptions{}
"recursive": reflect.Bool,
"dir": reflect.Bool,
"prevValue": reflect.String,
"prevIndex": reflect.Uint64,
// Convert options to a string of HTML parameters
func (ops Options) toParameters(validOps validOptions) (string, error) {
p := "?"
values := url.Values{}
if ops == nil {
return "", nil
for k, v := range ops {
// Check if the given option is valid (that it exists)
kind := validOps[k]
if kind == reflect.Invalid {
return "", fmt.Errorf("Invalid option: %v", k)
// Check if the given option is of the valid type
t := reflect.TypeOf(v)
if kind != t.Kind() {
return "", fmt.Errorf("Option %s should be of %v kind, not of %v kind.",
k, kind, t.Kind())
values.Set(k, fmt.Sprintf("%v", v))
p += values.Encode()
return p, nil
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