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@prestist prestist released this 19 May 20:15
· 876 commits to main since this release

Starting with this release, ignition-validate binaries are signed with the Fedora 36 key.


  • Support KubeVirt platform
  • Support AWS arn: URLs for S3 objects and access points (3.4.0-exp)
  • Support reading configs from Azure IMDS "user data"
  • Support S3 fetch via IPv6
  • Add ignition-apply entrypoint to apply an Ignition config in a container


  • Delete userdata after provisioning on VirtualBox and VMware by default (see operator notes for details) (GHSA-hj57-j5cw-2mwp, CVE-2022-1706)
  • Support setting setuid/setgid/sticky mode bits (3.4.0-exp)
  • Warn if setuid/setgid/sticky mode bits specified (3.0.0 - 3.3.0)
  • Support UEFI Secure Boot on VMware
  • Add arm64 support to ignition-validate container
  • Document S3 fetch semantics in operator notes
  • Document considerations for handling secrets in operator notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix disabling systemd units with pre-existing enablement symlinks
  • Fix reuse of statically keyed LUKS volumes (2.12.0 regression)
  • Fix gs:// fetch in GCE instances configured without a service account
  • Fix error reading VirtualBox guest properties that have flags
  • Fix infinite loop if -root command-line argument is a relative path