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@mischief mischief released this Apr 7, 2016 · 216 commits to master since this release


  • Fix high-CPU-load issue with systemd-udevd on Hyper-V (#1036)
  • Repair GPT headers before attempting to randomize the disk GUID (#1091)
  • Fix vxlan networking issues on Azure when under high load (#1156)
  • Cease forwarding the journal to the console (#1162)
  • Fix binary resolution error in systemd-nspawn (#1196)
  • Fix systemd-networkd assertion failure when stopping (#1197)


  • DSA support has been removed from OpenSSH
  • Enabled DHCPv6
  • Added prefixes to grub TPM events to indicate their provenance
  • tpm_hostpolicy tool generates a TPM policy file based on host characteristics
  • Known good TPM PCR values for CoreOS are now shipped alongside the OS


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