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@crawford crawford released this Aug 25, 2016 · 181 commits to master since this release

Bug Fixes:

  • Properly report errors from cgpt repair operations
  • Fix deadlock in file_remove_privs() on overlayfs
  • Build rkt without TEXTREL section (#1525)
  • Reintroduce sdnotify-proxy (#1528)
  • Fix disk corruption issues in GRUB by doing stricter GPT header validation
    • GRUB will now abort the boot if the gptprio command fails


  • Use the default Docker cgroup driver instead of the systemd driver
  • Add /dev/disk/by-id links for GCE ephemeral disks (#1465)
  • Add SSH helper support in SSSD (#1470)
  • Enable IMA, DNS resolution for Ceph, POSIX ACLs for Ceph, and EXT4 encryption in the kernel
  • Include qemu_fw_cfg LKM in the initramfs
  • Expose mount options for toolbox in the TOOLBOX_BIND environment variable


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