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Assets 2
  • Major updates for GRUB2:
    • New module for selecting the current /usr partition, replacing the
      previous initrd+kexec implementation.
    • GRUB is now used as the bootloader on all platforms, including
      paravirtualized Xen. With the new module this enables automatic
      fallback if an update fails which was previously unavailable on Xen and Hyper-V/Azure.
    • OEMs can customize kernel parameters and other boot-time settings by
      providing a small grub.cfg in the OEM partition. For example,
      Azure images now use ttyS0 as the primary console.
    • This only impacts new installs, the early boot sequence is not
      included in the CoreOS update process at this time.
  • Linux kernel versions no longer incorrectly include + at the end.
  • Added xfsprogs, it is finally possible to create XFS filesystems!
  • toolbox containers now keep all capabilities, most importantly
    CAP_NET_ADMIN so ping and other network tools work properly.
  • Enable LPSS driver for some Intel SoC platforms.
  • fleet 0.9.0
  • systemd 217
    • Known issue: journalctl doesn't work as non-root users, will be
      fixed in an upcoming alpha release.
  • util-linux 2.25.2
  • SDK toolchain updated to GCC 4.8.3 and binutils 2.24.
  • Miscellaneous other package updates.
  • OEM updates: