@marineam marineam released this Jul 7, 2015 · 246 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Add logrotate 3.8.9 for properly rotating /var/log/btmp and /var/log/wtmp
  • Enable audit and SELinux subsystems in the kernel, requires passing selinux=1 to the kernel to enable but this is of limited use, no SELinux user space tools or policies are included yet.
  • Enable driver for Solarflare NICs.
  • Add Secure Boot lockdown patch set to the kernel. Not yet supported by our boot process though.
  • Enable NAT-based networking in systemd-nspawn. This doesn't yet work out of the box, networkd configuration files need to be updated so docker's configuration doesn't conflict with nspawn's.
  • Fix a networkd bug that impacted some bond interfaces.
  • Enable ixgbevf network devices for Amazon EC2 HVM instances that support it. Amazon brands this as Enhanced Networking. As part of this change we disabled the Predictable Network Interface Names scheme on EC2 to ensure network interfaces remain named eth0, eth1, etc. regardless of whether the ixgbevf or Xen driver is in use. This may impact users who enabled this feature themselves on previous versions which would have named the device ens3 instead of eth0.


  • Linux 4.0.7
  • etcd 2.0.13
  • flannel 0.5.0
  • gnupg 2.0.26
  • elfutils 0.161
  • libassuan 2.1.1
  • libksba 1.3.3
  • protobuf 2.5.0
  • btrfs-progs 3.17.3
  • lsof 4.87