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package raft
const (
StateChangeEventType = "stateChange"
LeaderChangeEventType = "leaderChange"
TermChangeEventType = "termChange"
CommitEventType = "commit"
AddPeerEventType = "addPeer"
RemovePeerEventType = "removePeer"
HeartbeatIntervalEventType = "heartbeatInterval"
ElectionTimeoutThresholdEventType = "electionTimeoutThreshold"
HeartbeatEventType = "heartbeat"
// Event represents an action that occurred within the Raft library.
// Listeners can subscribe to event types by using the Server.AddEventListener() function.
type Event interface {
Type() string
Source() interface{}
Value() interface{}
PrevValue() interface{}
// event is the concrete implementation of the Event interface.
type event struct {
typ string
source interface{}
value interface{}
prevValue interface{}
// newEvent creates a new event.
func newEvent(typ string, value interface{}, prevValue interface{}) *event {
return &event{
typ: typ,
value: value,
prevValue: prevValue,
// Type returns the type of event that occurred.
func (e *event) Type() string {
return e.typ
// Source returns the object that dispatched the event.
func (e *event) Source() interface{} {
return e.source
// Value returns the current value associated with the event, if applicable.
func (e *event) Value() interface{} {
return e.value
// PrevValue returns the previous value associated with the event, if applicable.
func (e *event) PrevValue() interface{} {
return e.prevValue